Wednesday, July 15, 2009

starting over....AGAIN!!!!!

I am sooooooooo tired of starting over and over and over
But I am determined to finish my goal this time. Earlier this year i enrolled in a fitness bootcamp for 2 months. I did lose inches, but I couldn't get my eating right. Now I am determined to lose the weight and stay in shape...for good. It's not gonna get any easier, so I might as well conquer this demon now! I will begin exercising today.. I will walk around the block at least twice. Tomorrow I am going to be working on strength exercises that I learned from bootcamp every other day, and doing Jillian Michaels 3o day shred every other day...I really hope I can stay motivated this time! When my kids get home, I will have my son post before pics....ugh!

Ok I did it. I have officially started. I went around the block, about a mile. I only did 1 trip around, because I had my kids with me. But I think I did ok, considering I haven't exercised since April. I alternated jogging and walking. Here are a few things I have to work on

1. cutting down on my soda intake
2. drinking more water..124oz(half of body weight in oz)
3. drinking natural juices ( 100%)
4. cutting calorie intake to 1500 ( progress will be posted at comes the scary part
here are my recent pics 248lbs my current measurements are:
thighs(at fattest area) 33 in
hips 51.5
wa ist 43 in
a comic strip!